Do you ever find yourself thinking these things:

  • You have an inkling about something else you’d rather be doing in life.
  • You are unhappy with the same old/same old, feel stuck, but don’t know where or how to move.
  • I know I want to do something different, but what if I fail?
  • I want to move to something different, but if I do reinvent myself, I’ll lose my friends, family, or connections.
  • I have a thorn in my side—I know I’m not living fully—I’m just going though the motions.
  • I know what I want to do, but it doesn’t pay enough, so I can’t.
  • I want something different, but its too risky, I’m too old, its too late.

Is stress getting in the way of everything?

You may be ready to uncover and embrace your mission in life but stress and worry are overwhelming you.  It’s often useful to reduce stress and bring more calm and clarity to your mind and your emotions first.  See Stress Management to begin your journey towards a mental and emotional life that is at your service.

One On One with Jim

If you believe that you can have an absolutely fabulous life and are willing to experiment and face the truth about what you really want, then we are probably well-suited to work together. Having someone see you and provide you with objective feedback can be truly invaluable. You learn faster, gain more power, and more things become possible.

The Process

  1. Raise your awareness.

    Become more conscious of what you feel, how you think, what you believe and what you want.

  2. Uncover your life purpose.

    Combine your deep longings, your gifts and what you are good at, and your right brain intuition, to create a mission that lights you up.

  3. Get focused, get prioritized, get moving!

    Focus and prioritize, and then take meaningful, measurable steps for which you are held accountable.

I help you answer 3 key questions:

  1. Who are you and how do you see the world?
  2. What do I believe that you already have the right answers and processes within you. My commitment is to help you bring that inner knowledge to the surface through listening, powerful questioning, deep inner work, straightforward feedback, humor, and insight. I’m committed to providing you a safe and open environment where we can be honest. And I’m committed to taking you to the edge where transformation occurs.

Then we come up with action-oriented, forward-looking solutions instead of delving into a person’s psychological past. Self-awareness is great, but it is action that produces the positive change in your life that my clients and I seek.

My mission as a guide is to empower you with the tools to achieve your goals, so that you can transform yourself fully into the person you want to be.

My job is to be curious, playful, gentle, understanding, tenacious, present, supportive, and clear-headed. I will hold you accountable, be your champion, test your assumptions, keep you on track, see your greatness, and help you rewire your brain to move you to positive and lasting changes.

And don’t think I have some predetermined approach. I’ve mastered and integrated multiple personal growth technologies. God only knows how these will apply to you! You will bring you, and I will bring me, and we will see what is possible.

So how do you proceed?  What is next?

Call, text, or email me.  We’ll set up a time to speak on the phone.  On that call, I’ll help you assess what are the key things for you to work on now.  I’ll suggest some approaches for you.  I’ll answer any and all questions you have about coaching with me.  Then you decide if you want to go forward.  If so, we’ll set up our first session (either in-person or Zoom).  I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire for you to complete prior to our session so I can fully understand your background, and we can hit the ground running.  Usually, clients meet with me 2 or 3 times per month.

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I usually coach with clients for more than just one session since most issues simply take longer to work through. However, one focused session can sometimes work wonders, and I’m game if you are.

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