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Recent Reviews About Jim Wolfson

Jim has the heart of a fearless warrior and of a wise King who blesses others! He fosters connections with others through his clear communications, active listening skills, and intuition. Jim builds trust by his honesty, high degree of integrity, and self-accountability. He achieves results from a team-based construct as Jim is a great collaborator! A true professional and leader!

          — KM, Baltimore, MD

Jim is the best breathwork facilitator that I have worked with. He creates a healthy and trusting environment in his sessions. He is an experienced, intelligent, and caring coach. Jim uses his talents to motivate and inspire me to find transformation and clarity in my life. AND…his breathwork music playlists rock!

          — PK, from Lincoln, MA

Rare is the man who can hold a strong presence in such a loving way. Jim has a way of getting to the crux of whatever issues you are struggling with. He possesses such a unique blend of skills and is absolutely unwavering in his commitment to his clients.

          — STD, from Asheville, NC

18-017 Jim Wolfson

Jim has been a mentor for me since I worked for him at Camp Wingate Kirkland. As a director, he was just as invested in the personal growth of his staff members as he was in running a great overnight camp for children. When Jim moved on to pursue his calling as a Life Coach, our relationship continued. In Jim’s men’s groups, he gently pushed each of us to explore our inner selves, but also to share thoughts and experiences with the group. The sharing was the hardest part, but Jim managed to create an environment in which we felt safe to speak our truths. Recently, Jim did a session with me and my longterm girlfriend. She had never met Jim before and was understandably apprehensive about doing a session with him. When we did finally sit down with Jim, I was again amazed at how masterfully Jim made my girlfriend feel at ease, while still gently nudging her to explore her hopes and fears about marriage. This time we both walked away with a feeling of gratitude towards Jim. He guided us towards our own truths and offered enlightening advice as to the future. I feel lucky to have Jim Wolfson as a mentor in my life. He is committed to promoting self-reflection and personal growth, and he is truly a master at his craft. Thank you.  

          — JK, Canton MA

I have known Jim for more than a year.He has been a great mentor, leader, and motivator for me.  His strongest attributes are his patience, his ability to process difficult situations, and correlate them with some of the past beliefs and stories. This has made a significant impact on the decisions that I have made and goals that I have set in my life.

          — AK, Waltham, MA

Jim has a unique capability to see into you and he works with you to name what is going on so you can face it, deal with it, and move through it. He deals with your whole self, so you can bring business, relationship or spiritual issues to be addressed.

          — BW

I have known Jim for over 10 years. During that time he has patiently tutored me in the art of living fully and successfully. His broad shamanic learning and finely-tuned techniques delivered with passion and purpose hits the target (my heart and gut). Whether it be one-on-one or in a group setting, Jim always draws out my innate wisdom and empowers me to higher ends, and I leave him with a renewed spirit, feeling like I did it all myself! Thank you Jim Wolfson for honing in me these skills that allow me to live in the present with purpose, passion, and integrity. The world is indeed a much more valuable place as a result.  

          — LBV, Milton, MA

Jim’s ability to tune into the language of a couple both the the “us” and the individuals is astounding. With Jim, I feel I am in a safe and healing space, able to air all my authentic and raw emotions. In turn, I’m able to communicate more clearly, both in my relationship and overall. I always came out as a better person and a better partner than when I walked in.

          — BC

18-017 Jim Wolfson

Jim has helped me regain the focus, confidence, and power I need to move to my next level of accomplishment and wellbeing. Jim has an uncanny ability to clear away the distortion, confusion, and myth that gets in the way of clear thinking and focused action. His approach goes straight to the heart of the matter, encouraging truthful, no-holds-barred thought, and action.

I came to Jim soon after making a major life shift. I had just left a long and successful career in the management consulting and training field, a great career working with countless executives and businesses while building a global network of consultants. It was a privilege and a pleasure, and it had run its course for me. So, now what? It was what I call the “stress of success” that led me to Jim. Too many options, too many choices, yet none seemed to get at the center of what I really want and need to do for myself now.

Jim has truly helped me get in touch with the raw power and spirit that drives me, clarify my current choices, and affirm my capacity for self-direction.

I highly recommend Jim as a coach and an effective challenger and clarifier. He’s amazingly effective and quick to cut to the chase. I have greatly benefited from his counsel, encouragement, and challenges.

          — HJ

I am honored to be walking on a path with Jim as a friend, a fellow seeker, and a leader in the community. His presence is magnanimous! The world needs more men like Jim: He is strong, courageous, and willing to go into unchartered territory and lead by example with integrity. He is also kind, loving, gentle, and willing to tend to his own heart and the hearts of those with whom he travels. He consistently helps me to be a better version of myself, and I’m grateful!

          — DT, from Savannah, GA


Unsatisfied with my legal career, I initially hired Jim to help me determine my “perfect job.” While working w Jim he quickly helped me realize that I was actually seeking a deeper, spiritually based quest for my life purpose. Throughout this process, Jim has been immeasurably helpful and always willing to offer help, compassion and direction as needed.

Jim has an intuitive sense of determining what people are looking for and an uncanny ability to assist folks in realizing these wants and needs for themselves. He is a deeply spiritual but also an extremely pragmatic coach. Over the years, I have continued to reach out to him for coaching, advice and as a dear friend that he has become. If you are on the proverbial fence about your next steps, I highly encourage you to reach out to Jim. You won’t be disappointed!

        —  EN, Norwood, MA