Do you ever find yourself thinking these things:

  • What happened to that person I married? We just don’t seem to have anything in common anymore.
  • We are just stuck. We go along OK for a while, but then we start fighting again.
  • Our fights are so frustrating. We don’t resolve anything and I feel worse afterwards.
  • I wish I could just get along with my mother/father/son, daughter—its like we’re talking a different language.
  • I don’t really tell him/her how I feel. I’m too afraid to do that.
  • This is like walking on pins and needles. There are just things we will not talk about.

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Coaching with Jim

Jim coaches all sorts of relationships: Married couples, families, siblings, parent/child, work teams. He will help you to create a relationship where each of you can safely speak what is true, and be heard by the other. Where you reach alignment around tough issues and make realistic commitments grounded in accountability and integrity.

As of result of working with Jim, you will gain fresh perspectives, new hope, and skills to make real improvements in your relationship. Experts say that up to 2/3 of relationship problems cannot be resolved, but that successful partners learn how to manage around these challenges. Jim will show you how.

  • Single Session Relationship Coaching $175
  • Initial session discounted to $150

I usually coach relationships for more than just one session since most issues simply take longer to work through.   However, one focused session can sometimes work wonders, and I’m game if you are.

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