How do I support people in Spirited Living?

I help people straddle and integrate the world of doing and the world of spirit, letting each inform the other. I teach people how to move fluidly between both sides of the brain: the practical/logical left and the intuitive right.
I help people to slow down and live their lives more sacredly.
I connect people with their own voice and truth, so they can begin to “know” from the inside, without the noise and static of self-doubt or thinking that just won’t slow down.


Life Purpose Blueprint
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1-on-1 Energy Healing

We are much greater than just our physical bodies and our thoughts. We have an energy field around us that is in contact with every other person and with spirit. Energy Healing is a group of alternative therapeutic modalities where the practitioner uses his or her intuition to see a person more fully, to behold their radiance, to sense into places where the client’s life energy might be blocked, and to understand how to proceed to bring more wholeness and soul-level satisfaction to them.

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