How do I support people in Reducing Stress?

Stress is a reaction to what is.  It comes from thinking too much and avoiding our true emotions.

I help people learn to quiet their minds and to connect with their true feelings.

Some kind of meditative practice is needed to become the masters of our minds.  Thinking is a good thing and will never stop. We just want to learn to step outside of our thinking process, to watch it and learn from it, and to slow the freight train coming at us.

I’ve traveled the world and have mastered scores of meditative techniques from breath to mantra to martial arts to shamanic approaches.  I’ll help you select the ones that work for you. 

Meditation on the Breath and The Basic Body Scan are a great places to start.

Our emotions are signals from inside that something is not right in our lives.  Until we can learn to deeply feel them and let them move through us, they will fester and cause us problems.  

Begin with What is Emotional Intelligence and Why is it Important?

What’s Next?

Read my Blogs on How to Feel Your Emotions and The Five Primary Emotions.  Watch my videos.  Practice, practice, practice!  Consider 1-1 coaching to really learn these techniques.  

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