5 Practices to Reduce Pandemic Uncertainty

Fall Cleanup of Your Life

by Jim Wolfson

As we ready ourselves for the cooler fall weather, global uncertainty looms large.  How can you reenergize and activate your life to bring in new focus and enthusiasm for the road ahead?  Here are 5 things you can do.  

  1. Reach out and connect with friends and family in positivity.   Rather than rehashing yet again how the school openings are going to be a disaster, take some time in connection to share with each other things like: How am I changing these days?   What are the opportunities the current times are providing me?  What am I letting go of now, and what am I bringing in now?
  2. Take time every day to examine how you are feeling.  This takes no more than one minute.  Look for the five basic categories:  joy, anger, fear, sadness and shame.    We are usually feeling more than one at a time.  This practice brings you present and makes you more resourceful and ready.  
  3. Focus on your mission.   Work to recover or uncover the unique activity or practice that you are here to offer the world in this lifetime.  It’s your special sauce. The activity that you love so much and that uplifts other people. And then take steps every day to further it! A good mission can seem audacious and hard to achieve! You have time.
  4. Set your priorities so that you are focused on, and working on, what is really important to you.  Another way of saying this is, spend less time on the internet.   Less drifting, more concentration on what is relevant and impactful to you.  
  5. Meditate on your breath.  Close your eyes and inhale and exhale slowly through your nose.  Doing this for even 1 minute works wonders.   

You may have heard of every one of these.  That’s OK. We need to remind each other.  Over and over.   

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