Effiji Breath for Transformation

Break through your resistance to experience real transformation

By Jim Wolfson

Our life is generally made up of setting a structure in place to maintain order and control, and living in the outer world.  We try to control results.  This is ultimately unfulfilling and leaves us asleep, numbed,  or longing for a more creative and engaged life.

The practice of Effiji Breath helps you break through what you are resisting in life, allowing you to connect with your deeper purpose.  If you breathe you will have more life. By having the direct experience of accepting what is, in the moment, we retrain and recode our bodies, hearts and minds to source from inside ourselves.    All of this happens in a single Effiji Breath session and the results are extraordinary.  Real transformation occurs.

How does Effiji Breath work?

We are always trying so hard to do something.  Out there in the world.  To make an impact, to accomplish something, to impress or influence others.  And if we aren’t doing something, we’re often planning something, or berating ourselves for not doing something.  

The very first thing we do when we are born is to take a breath.  And the very last thing we do is to exhale.  Our inhale is bringing life in, and the exhale releases our life force.  

Can you imagine sitting down to breathe when your mind is full of thoughts and worries.  Anticipating and rehashing difficult situations ahead of you.  Worrying about different situations.  Unpleasant emotions in the background, like sharks under the surface of the water.  There but largely unseen.  Breathing is hard.  Your chest is constricted.  Your mind is wandering.  You’re not fully present. 

Can you imagine sitting in the sun by the ocean on a warm day.   Simply breathing.  Without a care in the world.  Confident in who you are.  Aligned with your purpose.  Accepting all that is.  Just simply breathing, without resistance.  Inhaling and exhaling.  You are present.  You are accepting what is.  You are in the moment, just taking one breath at a time.  You feel the healing power of it.  

The practice of Effiji Breath moves you from the first state to the second.  If you breathe you will have more life. 

You have to have some way to encounter the resistance directly in order to change it. You cannot release tension if you are unwilling to see and feel it first. 

The breath is the tool to encounter your resistance. It is the weapon you can use to break past your unconscious barriers that are holding you back. 

What exactly happens in an Effiji Breath session?

An Effiji Breath session is led by an experienced facilitator.  You lie down on a mat and make yourself comfortable.  You might have a pillow under your head and a blanket to cover you.  The facilitator guides you to relax and release as much tension as possible in your body.  He might ask you to identify an intention for this practice today. 

He will then guide you to begin focusing on your breath.  The automatic inhale/exhale at the center or your being.  Shortly, you shift to breathing in and out through your mouth.  The focus is on the inhale, strongly, into your upper chest.  Into your heart center.   The opening of the mouth is the opening of the heart.  You breathe inhale through your mouth and you exhale through your mouth.  That’s it.  Simple!

Usually there is music playing, to help you breathe strongly and rhythmically.  

You are in control at all times.  You are deciding in every moment how much effort you want to exert.  

This breathing technique is work for sure.  It’s a challenge that brings enormous rewards.  Breathing consciously, taking in your life force, immediately breaks through what you are resisting in life.  You just breathe, and the breath itself does the work.  It’s kind of magical.  The breath has wisdom and knows precisely what you are ready for.  It gives you the experience that is appropriate for you that day.  

After an hour, you will be instructed to return to your normal breathing, and to relax for a time.  

Benefits of an Effiji Breath session

How you breathe is how you live.  There is an uncanny and direct relationship between how you breathe in an Effiji session and how you are living your life.  Are you falling asleep?  Are you fidgeting a lot?  Is your mind all over the place?  Are you merging with a deep emotion that comes up?  All of these things can occur in a breath session, and all of these of course can occur in your life.  By attending to  and consciously experiencing these things in a breath session, you can reset and recalibrate your response.  This is like exercising a muscle.  There are tremendous and direct carryovers to your daily life.  You just breathe, and the growth and healing occurs in you, naturally.  

You get stronger from the inside at being who you are.  It’s a simple act of self love to breathe consciously.

The power of breathwork is ACCEPTANCE. Practiced correctly, you will have a direct encounter with your unconscious resistance and the opportunity to release it and experience your higher self. 

Are you ready to work on yourself?  

Are you ready for real transformation?

How do I start practicing Effiji Breath?

Effiji Breath needs to be practiced with an experienced facilitator.  Our minds are slippery and elusive, and it just takes too much attention and willpower to experience Effiji Breath by yourself.  

I will be leading Effiji Breaths and you can register here.  

There are also many other facilitators offering Breaths virtually here.  

I look forward to seeing you soon online.  

Effiji Breath brings transformation

This simple breathwork practice is powerfully effective and hugely transformative.  In just one session you can break through what you are resisting (your fears, your wounds, your story) and lead you to courage, freedom and healing.  If you breathe without resistance or tension you will also live without resistance or tension. 


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