How Can I Enhance My Intuition?

Using Shamanic Divination to  Help You Make Good Decisions

by Jim Wolfson

We all have difficult decisions to make in life with limited facts and hazy outcomes.  We often ‘overthink’ in these situations.  We want to trust our gut instincts but we don’t know how to do this.  

Using shamanic divination tool I call World As Oracle allows you to tap into, and leverage, your intuition and gut instinct.  Rather than just asking ourselves ‘what does my gut say?”, we use a simple, easy-to-learn approach that provides more specific answers to our questions.  Everyone can do this.  This blog post will describe what divination is to help you access your inner knowing.  

The Universe is Always Signaling Your Intuition

When times are desperate, whether you are religious or not, a common refrain is “Oh God, please tell me what to do.  Please show me the way.  Give me a signal.”   You meet the man of your dreams, and he is moving to Paris and wants you to join him.  Or, you have two job opportunities in front of you, and just can’t decide which to take. Or you are constantly fighting with your son, and are at a loss for how to proceed.   

Sadly, most people experience not receiving “the answer back from God”.  And so they find another way to make the decision at hand.  

For the moment, let’s just replace “God” with the universe.  This often makes people more comfortable.  It’s all just words.  You can use whichever words you like!   
Here is the key:  the universe is signaling you all the time, giving you feedback all the time.  You simply need to listen a little differently.  

One more thing.  You could say that your inner guidance, or gut instinct, is always right.  It’s just that we have a hard time connecting with or trusting our gut.  So the process which follows is to help us connect with our inner guidance. 

How the Universe Speaks to Us

The other day I was sitting at my desk and all of sudden, one side of my chair just dropped 6 inches.  I was kind of shocked.  Turns out a bolt sheared off.  I had two responses. The first was my normal outward one:  what happened to my chair, how do I fix this, where do I get the part, how old is this chair.  In other words, a lot of thinking and planning.  

My second, more nuanced response was ‘I’m literally not being supported right now.”  This is an inner response and is an inquiry that is just as valuable as the necessary outer one.  It let me consider what was going on in my life and maybe see a pattern, and maybe gain some wisdom.  It gave me impetus to ask myself, “Am I being supported now?  How might I support myself differently?  What needs shoring up in my life?”

A few weeks ago my friend of mine was telling me how she was very interested in attending a course given by Joe Dispenza, in Vienna, but wasn’t sure about going that far away.  Then she went grocery shopping and while in the store she looked up and saw a huge sign “Vienna Roast”, and she knew she was going to the course.  

Now, I know this friend to be a very logical, rational person, and I know that she is quite open to hearing what the universe has to say.  

Do I need to wait until my chair breaks again, or something dramatic happens to deem it a signal?  Absolutely not.   

The World as Oracle

Rather than waiting for your own Red Sea to part, you can set your intention to be sensitive to what the world around you is offering.  A black crow comes into your yard.  You can ask yourself what this means. You can even look up the meaning of the crow.  You are busy walking somewhere, but feel ‘pulled’ to go left.  Well, even though your rational mind is saying ‘I always go straight.  Just keep straight”, try going left!    See what happens. See what your intuition is signaling to you! 

As you learn to listen this way, there is a calibration that will occur.  You will get more and more sensitive to what to pay attention to.  You will become aware of more subtle signals.  You’ll begin to see in a different way.  

The key is to honor everything, be curious about each event, person and thing that life brings to you, and maintain a sense of humor. 

Some people like to use divination tools, like a Tarot deck or Angel cards too look into what is happening for them and get direction.  With the technique I’m offering, you could say that every single event in your life is a Tarot card being turned over just for you!   

Actively Seeking Answers

I can also become much more active in this process of receiving guidance and intuition.  I can actively seek insight into a question I have about myself.  Which direction should I take my business in?  Should I remain in relationship with this colleague?  I pose my question and then hold the intention that the universe will provide me with an answer or direction.  Then I keep my eyes and ears open, and be curious about what comes up.  

You can also get more specific.  Imagine you want relationship advice.  State your intention, and then pick a song, randomly, from your Itunes or Spotify library, and let that song be your guidance.  It’s kind of like using a Tarot deck, but easier and maybe just as effective.  You can also take a book of spiritual wisdom/sayings and open a page at random, point your finger to a section, and start reading.  Let the words you read be your answer.  As you can see, you can develop your own method.  Just have a strong, pure intention to ask the universe for guidance. 


  • The universe is always sending us signals.
  • Set your intention, be curious, and start looking for answers
  • As you practice, your sensitivity and skill will increase.
  • You can also actively seek answers by developing your own system like using random songs or wise sayings.

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