My new Website

It was a community effort and I received a lot of help and feedback, and this makes me happy.  

I engaged with Sarah Charmoli who is the Effiji Breath Operations Chief and a marvelous visual artist.    Sarah knows me very well and she helped me pull out of myself my deep longings and my very best gifts I offer the world.   She designed the site.

My friend and previous photographer Bob Handelman was my photographer once again.  He has done deep work in the Mankind Project as an initiated man and so he understands one of my primary underpinnings.   I invited 20 men to my house for the photo shoot in October, 2021.   It felt like a day long men’s gathering of connection and sharing.  Sarah and Bob really guided the shoot so I could relax my guiding, leading (overbearing!) self and just let myself be seen as much as possible.   …….to be continued

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