How to Stay in Integrity

Are you in integrity with the agreements you have made in life?  Do you DO what you SAY you will do?   Make a list of the important people in your life and see if you are accountable to them.  Accountability brings freedom.  

I’m looking carefully at whether or not I’m keeping the agreements I have made.  Am I doing what I said I would do?     Sometimes these agreements are explicit.  Like, I said I would call you next week.  Sometimes my agreements are implied.  A friend calls me.   We kind of have an agreement that I will return his call within a day or two, even though we have never actually hammered out that understanding.  Most of the agreements I have made are small ones. There are hundreds of them actually.  Easy to get lost in the shuffle.  

I decided to make a list of the important people in my life, to see if I am in integrity with them.  I typed their names into a Word document.   I came up with 85 people.  Relatives, friends, clients, associates, people I see around or talk to from time to time.   I was surprised there were so many people on my list.  Actually, I just looked at my list and added some more people.  It’s up to 104 people.  

I’m reviewing my list slowly, one name at a time, to see what I can learn.  How genuine and authentic have I been, can I be?   How much have I avoided confrontation because its unpleasant and scary to me sometimes?   Threatens my status quo.  

I see that there are many places and situations that don’t quite sit well with me.  So many little possibilities where I didn’t quite do what I said I was going to do, and then it just gets forgotten in the blizzard of life.   Generally, people don’t call me out on these, but I’m trying to call myself out now. Trying to clean things up. These little places of fraudulence and untrueness nag at me, add resistance, create eddies of drama and anger sadness and shame in me.  I’m working to clear them out.  I want freedom. 

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