Full Engagement Living

Are you ready to embrace your full potential as a man?
Do you long to live the life you’ve always wanted to live?
Is it time for you to step up and claim your own power?

Then FULL ENGAGEMENT LIVING is for you.  Two sessions available, beginning Sept 14th or 15th, 2021

REGISTER Tuesdays Live 6:30pm beginning Sept 14, 2021,  at 18 Woodridge Rd, Wayland,MA

REGISTER Wednesdays on Zoom 7pm beginning Sept 15, 2021

Full Engagement Living is group coaching for men for personal transformation.  There are two sessions offered, one Live in Wayland, and one on Zoom.  It’s every week, and it’s together.  You’ll learn cutting edge tools and approaches to raise your awareness from inside out, increase your emotional range, and widen your scope of what is possible.  You’ll enjoy the benefit of support from a group of peers who believe in you.  And you will each move towards identifying, more clearly, what you want in life, what is blocking you, and how to move towards fulfillment.    No experience needed.  

Is this for you?

  • You know you’re ready for the next big thing, but you don’t quite know how to proceed.  There is some fear.
  • You long for a life of meaning and service.
  • You’re deeply affected by the level of uncertainty and division the global pandemic has brought.
  • You know it’s time to take care of you.
  • You know it’s time to find your own clear voice.

“Tell me what it is you plan to do with this one wild and precious life.”  Mary Oliver

Full Engagement Living will give you…

  • Confidence to move forward as a man
  • A clearer understanding of your service mission in life
  • Awareness of behaviors that hold you back and tools to change them
  • Clarity about what your priorities are
  • An action plan to get fully engaged

Jim Wolfson is Your Guide…

Helping men change in a group setting is my thing.   I create a trusting environment where you can shine and grow.  I bring compassion, safety and encouragement to each person’s process.  I bring in ceremony, meditation, visualization and a careful honoring of “what wants to happen”.   As a certified individual and group coach, I’ve served hundreds of men similar to you. Along the way, I have mastered profoundly useful tools and approaches to serve people.  

I’ve been a participant in loads of personal growth groups over the years, and I’ve seen how incredibly transformational they can be.     There is just something about working with other people in a group that boosts a  person’s capacity to change.  In my life, I have gone through what many of you are facing:  integrating childhood trauma, raising children, challenges with family members, deaths of parents, siblings and other important people, changing careers multiple times, being married for decades, and developing and defining a mission of service that lights me up. 


What are people saying about Jim 

Rare is the man who can hold a strong presence in such a loving way. Jim has a way of getting to the crux of whatever issues you are struggling with. He possesses such a unique blend of skills and is absolutely unwavering in his commitment to his clients.”  KM, Baltimore, MD

Jim has the heart of a fearless warrior and of a wise King who blesses others! He fosters connections with others through his clear communications, active listening skills, and intuition. Jim builds trust by his honesty, high degree of integrity, and self-accountability. He achieves results from a team-based construct as Jim is a great collaborator! A true professional and leader!   STD, Asheville, NC

I have known Jim for over 10 years. During that time he has patiently tutored me in the art of living fully and successfully. His broad shamanic learning and finely-tuned techniques delivered with passion and purpose hits the target (my heart and gut). Whether it be one-on-one or in a group setting, Jim always draws out my innate wisdom and empowers me to higher ends, and I leave him with a renewed spirit, feeling like I did it all myself!”   LBV, Milton, MA

What is Group Coaching?

  • We meet  once a week for 90 minutes
  • We each check in with what we are feeling, what we are working on, and the progress we have made
  • We learn and practice a specific life tool each week
  • We learn to speak truthfully and directly
  • Each week several group members receive in-depth coaching

Full Engagement Living is for you if…

  • You’re motivated to transform your life
  • You want a life of meaning and purpose
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck in the same old patterns
  • You want new approaches to fully engage with your life
  • You’re tired of your half-way approach to life–you’re ready to give 100% to achieve what you desire
  • You want feedback and group support
  • You want to deepen your spiritual practice
  • You want to change from the inside out
  • You’re in the middle of, or at the beginning of a big transition

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Learn new approaches and tools for personal transformation
  • Learn what personal accountability is
  • You’ll be seen, heard and valued by an enthusiastic bunch of peers who have your back and want you to succeed.  
  • You’ll connect with the playful young inner child inside of you
  • Learn to access your power in a whole new way and get celebrated for it.
  • Learn to be more fully present in life
  • Receive valuable feedback and encouragement on your challenges and successes
  • Learn advanced emotional intelligence techniques
  • Learn to identify and embrace your mission of service
  • Identity what’s really going on for you and what your priorities should be
  • Limited group size ensures you will receive plenty of attention

Details and Logistics

  • Full Engagement Living meets once a week on Live or Zoom for 90 minutes.  You choose your group for the 8 weeks.
  • Limited group size of 8 men for each session
  • The live Group starts on September 14th, 2021, and meets for 8 consecutive Tuesdays. The Zoom Group starts on September 15th, 2021, and meets for 8 consecutive Wednesdays.
  • Price is $199 for all 8 sessions in either group.
  • If you need to miss a week, that is ok, but there are no makeups
  • There will be an optional advanced Breath Meditation session on an evening to be announced



How does this differ from 1-1 coaching?   There is a power and a support that comes from meeting with a group of men.  Much growth and healing can occur from simply witnessing someone else’s work.  And speaking your truth, being vulnerable, with a group, is transformational.  

Will I get one-on-one coaching in every online session?  Each person will speak and get feedback during each session.  In addition, some people will get more in-depth coaching on a given week, and this will be balanced out fairly over the 8 weeks.  And importantly, you will be gaining the extraordinary benefit of witnessing everyone else’s process each week. 

Will what I share stay confidential?   We take great care at the outset to insure that our group coaching container is safe. We identify the agreements we will hold to insure this, such as confidentiality, the use of “I” statements, no put-downs or judgments, no advice-giving unless asked for, and the right to pass and not speak at any time. 

What if I need to miss a session?  That is ok.  You may miss up to two sessions in our cycle.

Each Full Engagement Living session is limited to 8 men.  Sign up now….


REGISTER Tuesdays Live 6:30pm beginning Sept 14, 2021,  at 18 Woodridge Rd, Wayland,MA

REGISTER Wednesdays on Zoom 7pm beginning Sept 15, 2021