What my clients say...

"Jim is truly gifted as a teacher and coach. I have done several programs with him where I experienced extraordinary results."
Mal Duane
"Jim is a brilliant coach who creates a safe and sacred space to explore and express your authentic self. I was fortunate enough to take one of his Life Purpose workshops, it changed my life. Thank you, Jim! And thank you to my beautiful friends who highly recommended Jim and his workshop. With Love and Light! "
Elaine Gabriel
"How many stars can you give someone when you rate them. Compassionate, brilliant, intuitive, and kind. Incredibly capable and uniquely talented at being able to help someone with their life path. On all levels. Both personal… And in relationships. Don’t hesitate. Just call. "
Andrea Michelle
Experienced, knowledgeable, considerate, prepared and willing to share; this is how you will find Jim Wolfson when you are ready to join one of his sessions. Whether you choose individual or group interactions with Jim you will learn and discover ways to change your life for the better. Jim’s non-judgmental style makes him a great coach and teacher for anyone who desires greater emotional, spiritual or physical well-being.
Michael Nagle
Jim Wolfson has led me through several different Shamanic processes. I have found them to be very helpful in changing behavior patterns that were unwanted and habitual. He is a kind, calm and trustworthy guide into unconscious areas of the mind and soul.
Anne Lucas
I have known Jim for over 10 years. During that time he has patiently tutored me in the art of living fully and successfully. His broad shamanic learning and finely-tuned techniques delivered with passion and purpose hits the target (my heart and gut). Whether it be one-on-one or in a group setting, Jim always draws out my innate wisdom and empowers me to higher ends, and I leave him with a renewed spirit, feeling like I did it all myself! Thank you Jim Wolfson for honing in me these skills that allow me to live in the present with purpose, passion and integrity. The world in indeed a much more valuable place as a result.
Unsatisfied with my legal career, I initially hired Jim to help me determine my "perfect job." While working w Jim he quickly helped me realize that I was actually seeking a deeper, spiritually based quest for my life purpose. Throughout this process, Jim has been immeasurably helpful and always willing to offer help, compassion and direction as needed. Jim has an intuitive sense of determining what people are looking for and an uncanny ability to assist folks in realizing these wants and needs for themselves. He is a deeply spiritual but also an extremely pragmatic coach. Over the years, I have continued to reach out to him for coaching, advice and as a dear friend that he has become. If you are on the proverbial fence about your next steps, I highly encourage you to reach out to Jim. You won't be disappointed!
I am honored to be walking on a path with Jim as a friend, a fellow seeker and leader in community. His presence is magnanimous! The world needs more men like Jim: He is strong, courageous and willing to go into unchartered territory and lead by example with integrity. He is also kind, loving, gentle and willing to tend to his own heart and the hearts of those with whom he travels. He consistently helps me to be a better version of myself, and I'm grateful!
I would describe Jim as authentic, thoughtful and practical. On occasion he has helped me to see things about myself that I didn’t really want to see, but they were important to see. Perhaps his breadth of experience explains why his observations seem very grounded and real-world practical. Thanks Jim!
Jim has a heart of a fearless warrior and of a wise King who blesses others! He fosters connections with others through his clear communications, active listening skills and intuition. Jim builds trust by his honesty, high degree of integrity and self accountability. He achieves results from a team based construct as Jim is great collaborator! A true professional and leader!
Jim is the best breath work facilitator that I have worked with. He creates a healthy and trusting environment in his sessions. He is an experienced, intelligent and caring coach. Jim uses his talents to motivate and inspire me to find transformation and clarity in my life. AND…his breath work music playlists rock!
I have known Jim for more than a year.He has been a great mentor, leader and motivator for me.His strongest attributes are his patience, his ability to process difficult situations and correlate them with some of the past beliefs and stories.This has made significant impact on the decisions that I have made and goals that I have set in my life