Feelings Versus Thoughts

What is the difference between a feeling and a thought?

I know its a feeling (emotion) because it is based in my body. It’s down there, below my head! It has some substance and some grounding. A thought has no bodily sensation connected with it. It’s not that a thought is somehow “less than”, or inferior, in my view. It’s just different. It’s like airy and electric and ‘up there’ somehow.

When I have a feeling, it kind of sticks around. I has some length to it. My thoughts can be moving so quickly, that I can’t even follow them. Like non stop. Its tiring sometimes, especially when I take time to notice what I’m thinking, instead of just reacting all day long.

I find that people often mix up a feeling from a thought. And when asked ‘how do you feel?’, people often respond with what they are thinking. They will even begin the answer with “Well, I think I’m doing great….”   Making a habit of this can lead to a person being very disconnected from how they are really feeling.   I’ve seen it lead to a person not really being able to access their love because they are so busy thinking, even if they want to be loving.

I see in myself how feelings generate thoughts, and thoughts can lead to feelings. It’s not precise. They are related.

When I take the time to pick some of this apart, my life feels more satisfying.

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