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What do I Feel?

Unclarity about how I feel I’m not exactly sure WHAT I’m feeling this morning. I know its not joy and love and sunflowers.   It’s just

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Reflections from Prison

Reflections From Prison I’ve been co-leading a men’s group in a medium security prison here in Massachusetts for a few months. We meet weekly for

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I Feel, Therefore I Am

I feel, therefore I am. You may wonder, what is the big deal with feeling. Certainly, our culture worships thinking and analysis. As Descartes wrote,

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Processing Emotions

Moving through the Wave A feeling is like energy in motion. E-motion! It’s an energy that has an impulse to move. It’s not a stagnant

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Work with Jim

Jim Wolfson

Jim has brought together two tracks of learning in his work with clients. In the traditional coaching world, he is certified as a life coach and as a relationship coach. His extensive experience as a corporate leader and small business owner helps him relate to those challenges. He has also intensively studied energy medicine practices in the Peruvian and Celtic traditions to help people release old patterns and beliefs. Becoming an expert teacher of yoga, meditation and somatic movement rounded out his abilities as a healer. 

Jim fluidly combines these experiences so he can coach the whole person. From ‘cash flow to spirit’, he has the ability to hold a client widely, and to focus where they seek attention and change.