How to Feel Your Emotions

How to Bring Calm, Presence and Fulfillment by Feeling what you Feel

by Jim Wolfson

Feeling your emotions is a simple process to learn, like riding a bike.  By connecting with your feelings they are allowed to pass through leading to a more resilient, grounded state of being.

When we are cut off from our true emotions, and instead thinking and rethinking what our problems are, we are cutting ourselves off from the true wisdom and essence of who we are.  By connecting with our inner feelings we can learn to let them flow through us, and we can integrate them. This process leads to a feeling of calm, resilience and personal power.  

Relax and pay attention to your body

·     Sit upright and take a few deep breaths.

·     Then, ask yourself, what am I feeling?  

·     The key is to look for one of these five emotions:           Joy, Anger, Shame, Fear, or Sadness. Let go of any judgment that comes up and just accept what is inside of you.  It’s there anyway, so why not make friends with it.

·     Now, locate the feeling in your body.  All emotions have an anchor in the physical body. This is a good way to make sure this is not a thought, but a real emotion.  

·     Look especially in the middle of the chest, the throat or the gut.  

·     Once you have located the feeling, let go of any thinking you have about it.  Just give it space, and in your mind’s eye, see what it looks and feels like. Does it have a color, a temperature, a size?  Is it moving or is it stable.

·     Let the feeling be bigger, and just feel it.  So simple! 

·     Remember that emotions move like a wave.  They build, they crest and then they subside.  Just see if you can let the natural flow of your feeling take place.

·     And, realize that often there is more than one emotion present inside of you.  For instance, you might have anger, and underneath that, sadness. 

Practice this simple process of feeling your emotions in your body and you will begin to master your inner world.  

Feeling your feelings leads to a sense of calm and presence

We tend to spend a lot of time thinking, and when feelings come up, we often ignore them or push them away.  By taking the time to feel what we feel, we can integrate our feelings and let them pass through us. This leads to more joy, more energy and more self acceptance.  

Take the next step and read more about The Five Basic Emotions.

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