What Is Your Plan for 2022?

What is going to change for you in 2022 and what is your plan to get there?  I suggest you forget about year-end meditations and ceremonies.   Forget about diets and promises to go to the gym.

Instead, ask yourself what you truly want in this life.   What is it that you are meant to do?  How are you meant to be living?  What does freedom look like for you?   What does a life of liberation look like for you?

Write these things down.   Pulling them out of yourself, through your hands, onto paper is an act of manifestation in itself.   Come up with 3-5 things.   Forget about the solutions.  Just get onto to your list the really big things.  The hard, seemingly impossible areas.  

Then use the darkness and the cold of this time to go inside and ask yourself for these things, ask the universe for the changes you seek.  Pray.   Ask for a plan to come.  Be easy with yourself.  Take your time.  Figure out what you want first. Refine these things.  Listen in the quiet.  You’re not alone.  Go slow.  One thing at a time.  

Your intention and action will help you get unstuck.  Your intention will change your momentum, will change your karma.   

Trust that a plan will come.   This kind of inner alchemy, this kind of magic, is not some silly woo-woo thing.  It’s what life is all about.   Your life is meant to be sacred.  

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