Transfiguration–How to Shine Your Light

The Shamanic Practice of Raising Your Vibration and Sharing it With Others

By Jim Wolfson

We often go through life reacting to outside problems, and worrying about the future.  The result can be that we are offering to other people and the world a jumbled, ungrounded mix of fear and projection that is often not our authentic self. 

The shamanic practice of Transfiguration provides us a direct and easy way to reorient and reset our way of being by tapping into the light and love within ourselves.  This lets us think and worry less, and love ourselves and the world more.   

What is Transfiguration?

We are always trying so hard to do something.  Out there in the world.  To make an impact, to accomplish something, to impress or influence others.  And if we aren’t doing something, we’re often planning something, or berating ourselves for not doing something.  

But if you think of a star shining in the night sky, a star radiates and shines its light for millions of miles.  A star doesn’t try to shine. It doesn’t work at it.  Shining one’s light is an effortless process.  A star doesn’t choose where it will shine its light. It simply radiates light.  So simple! 

This is the experience of transfiguring and experiencing your own divine light.  It’s experiencing yourself as Source.  Remember that this divine light is always flowing through you.  You can create healing in the world by being a strong presence where you radiate light.  Recognizing and letting yourself feel this light flowing through you empowers you in your daily life.  

You can think about this process as a way to shape shift.  You are journeying within to your true nature.  

How to Practice Transfiguration

Sit upright with your eyes closed.  Relax your body and go inside. Feel the sensations in your body and let gravity take over.  Set your intention that you want to travel inward and merge with a star. You’re learning, right now, about beingstarlight by becoming starlight.  Let all of your cells absorb this light.  Feel that this light is your true nature, your destiny.  

Experience yourself as a walking star in the world.  Experience how far your light shines  and how it is not limited.  See how effortless this process is.  As a star, your do not send  your light forth, you simply radiate.  

And notice how as a star, you do not discriminate and choose where to shine your light.  You simply shine.  Experience yourself as starlight, as a being of divine light.  

Now prepare to come out of this meditation.  And as you do, keep the light shining within you.

See.  So simple! 

When you are radiating your light, this creates a healing presence for everyone around you.  It’s through your state of being.  

Use Transfiguration to heal yourself from the inside out

You can use the practice of Transfiguration to connect with and shine your inner light on the people and experiences in your life.  It will help you quiet your mind, reduce stress and bring balance and joy to you.  

For additional useful articles on Personal Transformation see my Blog.  

I learned about Transfiguration from one of my teachers named Sandra Ingerman and in her book Walking in Light, she describes this practice, as well as many others, in depth.

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